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This site is currently about as active as a THING but we’re in the process of uploading old articles. In the meantime we have a Youtube channel - – you could amuse your EYE EARS with.

Dear Diary 2

More comfort diaries.

Dear Diary

The comfort diary of a troubled man.  

The Phiblo and Mr John Show

Because they have a live at their house at the same time it is a complicated kebab for Phiblo and Mr John to do this and now you can see why watching! ▶

The Mr John and Phiblo Show

Every so often, there happens a collaboration betwixt the minds of twistedmindz and the thought-stations of teamfishcake. Upon such occasions, funniness is likely to prevail. One such occasion occurred in September 2006, and filming took place as evidence. This melting pot of twistedfishcake involved 1 kilogram of Phiblo, combined with 100ml of Mr John. The read more »

Droitwich Rock City

Our very serious tribute to the small English town, Droitwich Spa. Droitwich is arguably the number one destination for anyone seriously considering a trip around The World. ▶

Go Drive Yourself

Brian Adams takes learner drivers on a course they’re unlikely to forget.